Small Group Therapeutic Classes and Workshops

Our Small Group Therapeutic Classes and workshops are instructional classes that give attending students the opportunity to learn while experiencing poses, breathing techniques, etc. Knowledge gained will deepen your understanding of your body, yoga practice and help you fine tune poses for your body and condition. The small groups allow each person to receive hands-on personalized feedback so that, depending on the nature of the class, students with specific conditions may attend and benefit. These classes are  great for beginners, those with chronic conditions, and/or pain that want to use yoga as an integrative therapy or complementary to traditional medical care.



This therapeutic yoga practice uses the wall and other props to support the weight of the body. This supported practice allows gentle and progressive development of posture, strength, and flexibility. On the wall modifications can be made to common poses with consideration for pathology of specific joints and painful body regions. Difficult yoga poses, such as inversions, become accessible with use of straps and other props on the wall. Each class will also focus on mindfulness and restorative yoga.

Some of these classes will utilize the Yoga Wall which supports students with harnesses and straps while in poses to bring more awareness to a pose, practice a pose in a more supportive and therapeutic fashion to overcome limitations, or to even experience a pose on a deeper level. The specific nature of the class will determine which poses are practiced and how the wall might be utilized with those poses.

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At beYoga and Wellness we offer a wide variety of workshops that give students an opportunity to explore yoga in a new way; like in Yoga Scents Chakra Workshop; to helping students refine their practice in Establishing Your Own Home Practice; or working to improve certain areas of health in 12 Poses for Bone Health. Some of our workshops help to serve certain populations, like Yoga & Mindfulness 4 Kids and Yoga for Tennis Players.

Our workshops give us the opportunity to go beyond the benefits that we receive in weekly group classes and to apply the specific focus of each workshop in a way that helps us to grow, both as a yoga student and as an individual. Because our workshops are typically longer than weekly group classes, more time is spent applying the knowledge of the instructor so that students can explore a specific aspect of yoga on a deeper level or to experience more instruction and variation.