Meet our instructors.

Jennifer Baryluk

Jennifer Baryluk

After leaving a career in engineering, relocating from Ohio to Massachusetts and having my third child in 1999, there was a little something missing in my life.  To help with the transition a former co-worker recommended that I try yoga.  Not knowing anything about it I blindly signed up for a class and quickly fell in love.  The science behind Hatha and Restorative Yoga made perfect sense to me.  I trained for many years under Lucy Cimini, founder of Central Mass Yoga and Wellness, who became a role model and friend, on and off the mat.  Her insight and guidance led me to pursue my own certification in yoga.  I graduated from the Himalayan Institute in 2001 and then completed an additional certification in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga in 2004.  In 2005 I became a Hypno Birthing Chidlbirth Educator.  During this time I also gave birth to two beautiful baby girls.

My path brought me, my husband and five children to Columbus, Ohio, in 2007, and not long after that into the world of cancer when my son was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Suddenly, my background in yoga, hypnotherapy and essential oils took on new meaning.  It provided me, my son and family with some resources that I would never want to be without.  Learning to take things just “one breath at a time” was invaluable.  About one year into his treatment he developed depression as a result of the side effects of his medication. My experience caring for him brought forth in me a yearning to teach yoga and mindfulness to other people living with cancer, anxiety and depression. And to help them learn that in the midst of such a troubling illness there is a sense of peace and control.

I am excited to welcome you to beYoga and Wellness where you can be centered, be relaxed and be energized. A place to Just be….

Many blessings,

Jessica Ketner

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I found my yoga practice during graduate school while I was studying to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My yoga practice began as a way to stay grounded in a busy city and to manage the stress of a rigorous graduate program. My mat became a place for me to slow down and take care of myself.  Coming from a background as an athlete, I quickly found a connection to yogasana (the physical postures). I loved moving my body, having an excuse to play and hang out upside down, as well as challenging myself in new ways. Over time I began to notice that when I practiced yoga consistently, kindly and compassionately, I experienced anxiety relief, a deeper connection to myself and the world around me, and an evolving and expanding self-awareness that was teaching me that yoga was much bigger than the asana.

In 2013 I decided to dive further in my own practice by enrolling in a 200-hour teacher training program with Hilaire Lockwood at Hilltop Yoga in Michigan. In that program I was fascinated to learn how perfectly yoga is suited for assisting the treatment of a wide variety of issues that I was seeing in my psychotherapy clients.  I also learned about the healing powers of pranayama (breath practice) and meditation and the philosophy behind what I was experiencing on my mat. I was hooked and so that same year I completed my additional 300-hour training program to become 500 RYT.

To me, yoga is about honesty, mindfulness, kindness, self-study and truly being in the present moment and the present breath. Yoga puts us right up against our challenges and struggles and teaches us to compassionately shed the layers and the armor that covers up the deepest pieces of who we are. When we find that connection, even for one moment or for a single breath we see that we are truly amazing, strong and capable of healing and creating balance in our lives from the inside out.

It is hard to put into words all of the gifts that yoga continues to give to me year after year, week after week, practice after practice, breath after breath.  I am able to come to my mat and celebrate in times of joy, find peace when my life feels chaotic, find calm and quiet when my mind spins with anxiety and find healing when I feel broken. I hope that as a teacher I can share even a small piece of something that means so much to me. My hope is to teach from an intuitive space that allows me to create a class that is tailored to the needs and abilities of the students in the room. We will connect breath and movement in a safe and compassionate space and experience the healing, connection and empowerment that yoga can create.


Jodi Patton

Jodi Patton

Jodi practiced yoga off and on in the eighties while busy with a marketing career.  In 1994, her stressful business led her back to a more serious path of yoga, which she says has had a profound effect in her life and continues to create a heart broken wide open in love and peace.  She is a certified yoga instructor and registered by the international association, Yoga Alliance.  Over the years, Jodi has enjoyed instructing yoga for groups and individuals where she has had the pleasure of teaching in yoga studios, athletic & fitness clubs, corporations, schools, girl scout troops, and churches.  She appreciates teaching an array of students – those new to yoga, intermediate and advanced practitioners, aspiring yoga teachers, cancer patients, the very young and seniors.

An earnest student of meditation since the mid-eighties and a Reiki Master teacher/practitioner, Jodi brings to yoga a blend of mindfulness and energy practice.  As steward, she served in the start-up and ongoing development of the Institute for Visionary Leadership, a personal and spiritual healing retreat center located in the Green Mountains in Vermont.  She is also one of the founding facilitators of a non-denominational labyrinth meditation walk at First Community Church where she assists in facilitator training.

Jodi feels honored teaching various yoga, meditation and Reiki workshops on a regular basis in addition to serving as adjunct faculty teaching philosophy and asana courses in Yoga on High’s teacher training program.  In addition to teaching which has truly been the best training in many respects, Jodi has had the blessed opportunity to study with a number of the “yoga greats” including Rodney Yee, Marcia Miller, Erich Schiffmann, Tim Miller, Angela Farmer, Victor VanKooten, Jean Couch, Judith Lasater, Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern to name a few.  She earned her yoga teaching certificate from Yoga on High’s teacher training program and is a 500-hour registrant of Yoga Alliance’s national accreditation program.

Jodi lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio with her children, John and Jessica.  “To experience and to be grateful for the Truth of what I am, expressing this in each moment,” is a life-long commitment for Jodi and one she encourages others to explore as well.

Charles Gibson

Charles Gibson

I have been a fitness professional for over eighteen years.  Wow that still amazes me!  From time to time I am asked what do you do? My answer to that is. I inspire hope and change in others through fitness! You could say that is my mission, but it didn't start that way.  I have always led a physically active lifestyle. I started out informally helping my friends and making suggestions to how they could get the most out of their workout and making sure they had proper form when working out. This led me to teaching Body Pump at Cal Fit, then kickboxing and spinning. Fast forward to two years later, and I am in Ft. Lauderdale completing my personal training certification with ISCA. 

My clients have ranged from athletic teams, firefighters, corp executives, retiree's and stay at home moms. I am in my fifth season as a track and field coach at New Albany High School. About seven years ago I was introduced to yoga which let me to Thai Yoga Massage. I have been studying and practicing Thai Yoga Massage for five plus years now.  I went to Montreal to Lotus Palm to complete my essential certification after starting my studies here in Columbus. I have either led or assisted in 10 Thai Yoga Massage partner workshop in the past two years.  The workshops allow me to share this form of body work with the masses. I have completed three levels of a six level program. During down time I enjoy traveling with my wife, dancing and laughing with friends and family.

Julia Sims Haas

Julia Sims Haas

As a massage therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki master, and MELT Method™ Instructor, I’ve loved sharing my passion for health & wellness with others since 2003. An experienced 500-hr certified yoga teacher, I enjoy connecting with students of all ages and abilities through movement and relaxation in classes such as slow flow, hatha yoga, beginners, yin yoga, pre & postnatal, Itsy Bitsy Yoga®, senior & chair yoga. Always a curious yogi and bodyworker, some of my specialty trainings include Yoga Tune Up™, The Roll Model Method™, yoga for spine support, restorative yoga, pranayama (breath discovery), and mat Pilates. My therapeutic table work includes massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and Reiki. Everything is connected and it’s so beautiful to me how it’s all interrelated and dances together. As both a yoga teacher and bodyworker I bring a little bit of everything I study and practice into my classes.

My classes emphasize mindful movement and breath created from a place of alignment and stability. As a teacher I strive to create a safe and open space where students are free to develop a respectful relationship with the body, access new strength and space, and make discoveries. My approach to teaching reflects a sincere concern for each student and is expressed by emphasizing self-love and compassion while encouraging students to challenge themselves.  By connecting more deeply within, I inspire students to take the practice off the mat, inviting yoga, self-care, and wellness to be a part of everyday life.

Erin Hindel

Erin Hindel integrates holistic techniques that encompass the mind, body, and spirit. Erin is passionate about working with special populations to include cancer survivors, children with special needs, and special needs for women. She is currently training in trauma-sensitive, and therapeutic yoga. Erin celebrates freedom from shame in body, mind, and spirit by retrieving the soul through self-love. Self-love is first observed and learned on the mat, then translated off the mat and integrated into the rest of the individual’s life.




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