Vicki J.

"My 9 year old son and I have been attending the Yoga 4 Kids sessions together at BeYoga and the experience has been absolutely fantastic. Jennifer is a wonderful yoga instructor for adults and positively delightful as an instructor for children. The class moves along at a perfect pace as she thoroughly demonstrates each yoga pose visually while giving lots of verbal feedback to each child at their particular level. Her demeanor is calm and patient with a quick wit and uncanny ability to engage children and connect deeply with them on a personal level. Jenn uses lots of positive affirmation during the class in order to build self esteem and confidence along with guided visualization that encourages a child’s strength to shine through. My son has learned many calming and relaxation techniques from Jennifer that have helped him during stressful situations at school. He is also sleeping much more soundly and feeling rested and energized upon waking each morning. I highly recommend the Yoga 4 Kids sessions at BeYoga!

Malik Media