Janet L.

"BeYoga and Wellness has finally made me fall in love with yoga. For over a decade I have had a haphazard yoga practice and attended several different studios in different cities. I went through periods of either loving or dreading classes, depending on what studios/classes I was attending. Once I found BeYoga, I have looked forward to every single class. This kind of yoga feels like you are really taking care of yourself on a deep level, and treating your body and mind to some great stretching, strengthening and relaxation. The care that the owner, Jennifer, shows for her clients is unparalleled, and I feel so supported by her in every class. I have attended prenatal and hatha classes with both Jennifer and Jodi, and have had a great experience every time! I have told many many friends that Jennifer's prenatal class was one of my very favorite parts of being pregnant. I had a very comfortable pregnancy with good sleep and little to no aches or pains all the way through my third trimester, and I absolutely attribute that to the prenatal yoga class. As I neared full term, I dreaded becoming as incredibly uncomfortable as many women had told me I would, and thankfully that just didn't happen! I'm so glad I've finally found a studio I can't wait to keep going back to Prenatal Yoga."

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