Connnie C.

"I am a relative new comer to yoga, encouraged to join the beginner’s Hatha class by a friend who has had significant back problems for many years. I have struggled with low back issues and a problematic knee (stemming from a fractured patella 3 years ago) so was interested in her enthusiastic endorsement for this program. I am pleased to say that in the limited time I’ve attended class I have not only experienced increased flexibility but have noticed decreased discomfort in my lower back. I am most impressed with Jen’s ability to coax us into the proper position gently and effectively to get the most out of each pose based on our individual capabilities. In addition to the stretching and core strengthening aspects of the program, the relaxation phase is an integral part of the class which I feel is extremely effective in helping relax my core and back muscles. I work hard but look forward to each class. So, after twelve weeks I must say I’m a convert! Namaste."

Malik Media