BeYoga and Wellness has finally made me fall in love with yoga. For over a decade I have had a haphazard yoga practice and attended several different studios in different cities. I went through periods of either loving or dreading classes, depending on what studios/classes I was attending. Once I found BeYoga, I have looked forward to every single class. This kind of yoga feels like you are really taking care of yourself on a deep level, and treating your body and mind to some great stretching, strengthening and relaxation. The care that the owner, Jennifer, shows for her clients is unparalleled, and I feel so supported by her in every class. I have attended prenatal and hatha classes with both Jennifer and Jodi, and have had a great experience every time! I have told many many friends that Jennifer’s prenatal class was one of my very favorite parts of being pregnant. I had a very comfortable pregnancy with good sleep and little to no aches or pains all the way through my third trimester, and I absolutely attribute that to the prenatal yoga class. As I neared full term, I dreaded becoming as incredibly uncomfortable as many women had told me I would, and thankfully that just didn’t happen! I’m so glad I’ve finally found a studio I can’t wait to keep going back to prenatal yoga!

I approached BeYoga and Wellness because after having a baby almost two years ago my body just wasn’t the same anymore. However, I knew I needed a workout that wouldn’t intimidate me, and a place that offered me a feeling of welcome. Never trying yoga, but knowing I wanted to start being more focused on myself, I went for a trial period. One thing I liked immediately was the warm welcome of Jen, and her knowledge and understanding that we all come with different skill levels. She knows exactly what routine to do for you!! The result was I knew I could accomplish more flexibility in a fun and stress-free way. I recommend Jen’s studio to everyone I know now, because once you go you will be so happy you did. Thank you Jen!
— Marta Ackley

Sarah is an amazing teacher and truly made my daughter and I feel welcome from the start (of the Baby Wearing class). Gwen was particularly fussy the first class and Sarah offered to hold her while I went through a few poses- Gwen even fell asleep and I got to enjoy some much needed gentle stretching! The pace of the class was perfect for me. Sarah offered great modifications to each one of us. I felt energized after each class, which is surprising since I’m so tired all the time with a new baby! I would recommend this class to all new moms, not only for the physical and emotional benefits. This is such a fragile and challenging time for the postpartum mother. Being able to participate in a fun activity with my little one has been such a wonderful experience!
— S.E.

beYoga has greatly improved my daily life! After several knee surgeries, foot surgeries and issues with chronic back pain my core muscles were weak and my flexibility was limited. The day I saw my shadow bent forward as I walked was a wake up call. When I wore pendant necklaces they listed to one side because I was also tipped laterally. I thought I had a leg length difference.

During BeYoga beginner classes I became aware of how different the two sides of my body were at a muscular level. The instructor, Jen Baryluk, patiently described each movement and pose. She reminded us that the most important yoga we could do was on our own mat. We were not to concern ourselves with what others were doing. I learned to focus my efforts from within. Yoga was personal and progressive. The more I learned about letting go of the tightness I discovered internally the more I could effect change in my body.

I remember clearly the first time I was able to fold my legs and sit on the floor. This hadn’t been a goal in particular it had just not been done for 15 years due to knee pain and surgery. And yet, there I was, sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and not in pain. The flexibility I had gained in my back and especially my hips contributed to naturally sitting in this bent knee position.

Over time I gained flexibility and strength in core muscles and major joints. I stand straight and balanced; I feel taller. Many activities of daily living seem much easier such as getting in and out of a car, climbing stairs while holding objects, working in my home quilting studio and gardening.

I have taken yoga classes while traveling and at other studios in the Columbus area. Jen’s Hatha Yoga classes stand out in several ways. First and foremost we take time to completely relax our mind and body before we start the practice! Jen’s voice and verbal cues are soothing and easy to follow. She gently adjusts the pose for what each persons needs that day. The classes include a few favorite poses and always a variety of new ones. The practice is never boring and I continue to discover new areas of my body that benefit from yoga. The relaxation at the end of class utilizes many restorative poses that I also use in my practice at home. BeYoga has allowed me to move through life with more balance, strength and hope
— Cindy Jopling, PT

I have been a student at Be Yoga and Wellness since shortly after it opened in 2012. My observation is that Jenn Baryluk meets the needs of her students at whatever level they are, and specifically addresses individual needs. If someone is there for exercise, for rest and relaxation, or for healing; they will find it. I’ve attended the classes for all levels, gentle yoga, beginner’s Hatha and restorative classes depending on my changing needs. Both Jenn and her studio are welcoming, calm and peaceful. There are also opportunities to explore the benefits of essential oils, which is both interesting and beneficial. I have invited several friends to the studio and I’ve made new friends at the classes.
— Penny E.

It is with great enthusiasm that I write on behalf of Jennifer Baryluk’s BeYoga program. I am a relative new comer to yoga, encouraged to join the beginner’s Hatha class by a friend who has had significant back problems for many years. I have struggled with low back issues and a problematic knee (stemming from a fractured patella 3 years ago) so was interested in her enthusiastic endorsement for this program. I am pleased to say that in the limited time I’ve attended class I have not only experienced increased flexibility but have noticed decreased discomfort in my lower back. I am most impressed with Jen’s ability to coax us into the proper position gently and effectively to get the most out of each pose based on our individual capabilities. In addition to the stretching and core strengthening aspects of the program, the relaxation phase is an integral part of the class which I feel is extremely effective in helping relax my core and back muscles. I work hard but look forward to each class. So, after twelve weeks I must say I’m a convert! Namaste.
— Connie Copeland